Once a rare site on the seas, super yachts and mega yachts have quickly become the cruising method of choice for the discerning holidaymaker. A Super yacht is generally defined as a vessel that is larger than 24 meters in length, while a Mega yacht is considered to be longer than 50 meters. Factor in all the amenities and it’s rather like having your own private residence afloat where you can choose your own itinerary and ports of call.

Some have truly classical lines, others are more modern, but all boast a range of unparalleled creature comforts such as extremely large and well-appointed cabins and bathrooms, elevators and floor to ceiling windows. Flawless service comes as standard and Michelin Star chefs and sous chefs are not uncommon. Massages and gym sessions are the norm rather than exception and watersports kit is available.

Overall, vessels in this category offer entertainment for all types of guests and energy levels.  If price tags do not deter you, chartering a Super or mega yacht for groups of 12 or more guests is definitely your route to a dream vacation or celebration that will indulge all the senses, an experience that will last forever in your memories and hearts.

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