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St. Paul the Apostle is one of the most important figures in the early Christian ministry have travelled extensively around the Eastern Mediterranean spreading the Gospel of Jesus. His three voyages, related in the Book of Acts, suggest he travelled over 10,000 miles. Along the route, at various stopping points on his journeys, he founded at least 14 churches.

The wonderous thing is that many of the places he preached and stayed are still with us today. This combined land tour and cruise visits a selection of the most important, along with other notable sites from the Golden Age of Greece with predates Christianity by some 450 years. It’s a classical masterpiece, carefully curated to make the most effective use of your time whilst always remembering that you’re on holiday.


DAY 1: NY to Thessaloniki

Flight from NY to Thessaloniki

DAY 2: Thessaloniki

Transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Thessaloniki hotel

Thessaloniki has long been Greece’s second city and as early as St. Paul’s time would have been a bustling nexus for commerce, philosophy, and the arts. Our tour here visits the Roman Market, theatre and baths, the Arch of Galerius, the old city walls, the Chain Tower and Citadel, the white tower, Byzantine churches, the cave and well of the Apostle Paul, the House of Jason, the Monastery of Vlattadon, Aristotle’s Square, and the statue of Alexander the Great. We also visited the archaeological museum with the treasures of Vergina. It’s a fantastic start to the wonderful journey that awaits.

Dinner and overnight in Thessaloniki B & D

DAY 3: Thessaloniki

Today we drive to the town of Kavala and then continue to the site of ancient Philippi. Here we see the Baptistry of Lydia, the ancient theater, and visit the place where Paul was flogged and imprisoned.

Dinner and overnight in Thessaloniki B & D

DAY 4: Kalambaka

A drive to Veria (ancient Berea) via a stop to visit the monument dedicated to the Apostle Paul. Then we continue on to Kalambaka to visit the famous monasteries. Dinner and overnight in kalambaka B & D

DAY 5: Athens

Departing after breakfast we drive through the beautiful mountainous Greek countryside, arriving in Delph in good time to visit the famous archeological sites and museum.

Return to Athens for dinner and hotel overnight. B & D

DAY 6: Athens

This morning our guided city sightseeing tour includes a visit to the world-renowned Acropolis, with the ruins of the Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Propylaea. Then we ascend Mars Hill where Paul is known to have preached. Later we take in the Agora (the ancient marketplace, and former center of Athenian public life), the House of Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the Presidential Palace.

We then Depart for Corinth, via a brief stop at the Corinth Canal, which was home to Paul for eighteen months. Here we visit the Archaeological Museum, the Bema, the Market Place, and the Temples.

Return to Athens for dinner and overnight at our hotel. B & D

DAY 7: Athens

Today we have a full day at leisure to pursue personal interests. Perhaps a visit to the Plaka to shop or eat in one of the many fine restaurants.

Dinner and overnight at our hotel. B & D


By now you will have a good flavour of St. Paul’s wandering and, if you’re pressed for time, that may be enough. But there is a lot more to be seen within just a few days out of Athens, many of the places we visit being UNESCO World Heritage sites. As they are best reached by sea, we offer an optional 3-night, 4-day cruise.

Your vessel is a small floating palace with a range of bars and restaurant, a wellness area and gym, and a range of wonderfully appointed cabins, many with balconies. With so much to see on excursions during the day, you’ll need a place to regroup over drinks and dinner to share photographs, talk about everything you’ve seen and marvel at how St. Paul managed his journeys 2,000 years ago.

See More Info About The Cruise Here

DAY 8:

Depart from Lavrio: 13:00 - Arrival in Mykonos at 18:00 - Depart from Mykonos: 23:00

Your three-night adventure starts as we head out to the idyllic island of Mykonos. Affectionately known as the ‘Island of the Winds’, Mykonos is home to 16th-century windmills that have become iconic landmarks on postcards. The energetic Greek island is well known for its beauty, diverse range of bars, cafes and restaurants, and vibrant atmosphere. You’ll also find charming churches, whitewashed houses, and a lively waterfront lined with bohemian cafes and welcoming bars. It’s the perfect place of an evening of R&R.

DAY 9:

Arrival in Kusadasi at 07:00- Departure from Kusadasi: 13.00

Early morning arrival to join your expert guide for the complimentary, not to be missed, excursion to the iconic Hellenistic ruins of Ephesus. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world they are arguably the best ancient Greek ruins in the Eastern Mediterranean and awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2015. Upon returning, you’ll have just enough time to browse the port-side bazaar.

Arrival in Patmos at 16:30- Departure from Patmos at 21:30

In the afternoon, we headed to the volcanic island of Patmos with its enchanting lace-like coastline and dramatic sheer cliffs. Patmos is where John the Divine is said to have penned the Book of Revelation. Both the “Cave of the Apocalypse” and the monastery are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Alternatively indulge in a traditional feast.

Day 10:

Arrival in Heraklion at 07:00- Departure from Heraklion at 12:00

As we pull into Heraklion, you have the chance to snap the imposing 16th-century walls of Koules Fortress. Here you can enjoy the calm of the stunning waterfront, explore the Cretan countryside, or discover the Palace of Knossos – your third UNESCO World Heritage site in two days. This spellbinding tour invites you to listen to tales of intrigue and learn about Europe’s first civilization, the Minoans, in the Knossos Museum. Was the Minotaur half-man or a myth? You’re about to find out.

Arrival in Santorini at 16:30- Departure from Santorini at 21:30

One of the most celebrated Greek islands in the Aegean, Santorin has a romantic charm and amazing past – it’s all that is left of a volcano which exploded creating the Greek legends surrounding Atlantis, the submerged city. Make sure you check out the magical villages of Fira and Oia and photograph the whitewashed houses and blue-blue-domed churches perched on caldera cliffs. With an extraordinary scenic view from an elevated position, this idyllic island is the perfect location to watch the sunset.

Day 11:

The overnight journey back to the mainland signals the end of your three-day adventure. We bid you farewell as we dock in Athens. Then you will have a transfer from Lavrio Port to the airport.

Included on the land portion of the tour:

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Included on the CRUISE

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