Mykonos - Kusadasi - Patmos - Heraklion - Santorini - Athens


Something of a whirlwind clockwise circumnavigation of the inner Aegean – the sea literally at the centre of the known world in classical times. It’s a packed schedule but easy enough for those with a short time-budget who want to tick off some of ancient Greece’s classic gems. Look at it as a ‘road trip by sea!’


  • Mykonos – hedonistic capital of the Aegean plus Delos, birthplace of Appollo
  • Kusadasi – jumping-off point for wondrous Ephesus
  • Patmos – where St. John the Divine wrote the Book of Revelations
  • Heraklion for Knossos – home of the legendary Minotaur
  • Santorini – don’t miss Akrotiri, the ‘Greek Pompeii’
  • Athens – make sure to spend a day or two here pre- or post-cruise



Depart Athens at 13.00 and sail to Mykonos, as famous for its vibrant nightlife as its iconic windmills and white sugar cube houses Mykonos is enormous fun. Lots of optional things to do here – classicists will take the short boat trip to nearby Delos, supposed birthplace of Appollo and much revered in the Golden Age.


Kusadasi and Patmos. Whilst it’s a nice beach resort in its own right, with a splendid seafront promenade and a fascinating Grand Bazaar, the real reason to come to Kusadasi are the nearby ruins at Ephesus. The site here, encompassing both Greek and Roman periods really is a ‘must see’. It’s also very important in Christianity as St. Paul came here to preach and is said to have brought the Virgin Mary with him. Later we visit Patmos where you can visit the Cave of the Apocalypse where St. John is said to have written the Book of Revelations, and the 11th century monastery dedicated to him.


Heraklion and Santorini. Crete is Greece’s biggest island and Heraklion is its capital. It’s ideally located for a visit to the amazing remains at Knossos where the Palace was the centre of the Minoan Empire and supposedly home to the legendary half-man, half-bull known as the Minotaur. Later we cruise to Santorini, the remains of a massive volcano that blew its top in the 16th century BC creating tidal waves that started the legend of Atlantic – the sunken city. There are some wonderful excavations at Akrotiri which is Greece’s equivalent to Pompeii. Fabulous sunset views too from the top of the caldera.


Athens. Disembarkation after breakfast for your onward travel.

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