If you want to combine the excitement of getting closer to nature with spacious onboard relaxation areas and more comfortable sailing, a catamaran is the perfect choice for you and your guests. Offering the same romantic environment as traditional sailboats, listening to the wind and rippling waters under sail, catamarans also bring the added advantage of being able to reach shallow waters. Unsurprisingly they have become a favorite for many non-sailors who seek greater comforts than traditional sail yachts, whilst not wanting to meet the expense of fuel.

The double hull construction offers greater sailing stability (there is none of the ‘heeling’ you see in traditional sail yachts!) as well as much more deck space – something everyone ultimately looks for in a yachting vacation. Laying under the sun and feeling the wind in your hair and occasional spray to freshen up is a unique feeling, a privilege only those who choose a sailing vacation will experience! With crewed catamarans growing in popularity, you never feel deprived of being pampered with excellent snacks and food onboard. Not to forget, when the time comes, a special drink to accompany the sun-drenched mood!

Wherever your imagination takes you, we promise to transport you in comfort, safety, and luxury.

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