• Collection at 17:00 from your chosen departure point for transfer to the village of Ano Mera
  • Here we disembark to visit the monastery of Panagia Tourliani – originally built in 1542 and restored in the 1700s, it has some wonderful architecture, grounds and a fountain
  • There is also a museum with interesting religious artefacts
  • After the visit we stroll 400 meters to the Mykonian Farm where we will be greeted by the Farm’s superintendent who will show us how the organic and the animal farming operates
  • Later, we will share a farmer’s snack consisting of bread, tomatoes, kopanisti, cucumbers and poor man’s black olives, accompanied by the traditional raki while hearing the history of the island’s farming, its livestock and its crops
  • Depending on the season, you can cut and taste produce from the vegetable garden
  • For visitors who wish to get involved with farming tasks, the superintendent will provide you with the right tools and instruct you as you go along.
  • Around 20:00, we will take you back to your point of departure
  • Alternatively, if you have booked traditional dinner at either the Mykonian Farm or our traditional home, the Mykonian Spiti, we will escort you to your seats


  • Collection and transfer to the Mykonian Farm for 08:00 start and welcome treat with your instructor
  • Equipped with the tools you need to create delicious Mykonian bread, we will focus on mastering the fundamentals as well as discussing traditional techniques as we practise making our bread on our wood oven
  • Making and kneading the bread dough is about a 1-hour process
  • The dough is left to rest for approx. 45 minutes, during which time our farm tour takes place
  • Returning to the bakery we shape the bread into its final form
  • When we are done, the bread is cooked in the oven for approx. 45 minutes
  • Once baked you can taste the outcome of your lesson
  • Brunch will then be served with all the dishes made of genuine pure, fresh, local Mykonian products
  • Throughout the experience you will learn about Mykonian culture, the history of the island’s farming, its livestock and its crops
  • At approx. 13:00 we will return you to your hotel.


Olive Oil has been the most important culinary and medicinal ingredient for Greeks since ancient times, Homer calling it the “Liquid Gold” and Hippocrates the “Great Healer”. The central element of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’, it is considered the healthiest fat on earth, containing antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins. This experience aims to introduce you to the uniqueness of the Mediterranean Diet and all the health and beauty benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), which can transform your life forever.

  • Upon arrival you will be met by Anita Zachou, agricultural engineer, expert olive oil taster holistic wellness coach, and founder of Mykonos Olive Oil tasting
  • The session begins with a short history of olive trees and their fruit
  • During this experience, Anita will teach you how to smell and taste the incredible aromas and flavors of some of the finest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils
  • By tasting you will come to understand the true meaning of ‘extra virgin’ as well as how to describe an olive oil correctly using terms such as ‘fruity’, ‘bitter’ and ‘spicy’
  • You will also discover how to recognize a defective olive oil from a good one. This is the perfect activity to share with your family & friends.


ur farm began operating in October of 2012 with the ambition of re-establishing the Mykonian traditional farming. Located a 400m stroll from Ano Mera village, the farm is open to visitors every day from 10:00 to 19:00 with tours available at 11:00am or 18:00. Visitors have the unique opportunity to:

  • Learn about Mykonian farming
  • On request to directly experience some farming tasks (under supervision), such as vegetable garden watering, weeding of the vineyard, picking eggs from the coop
  • Meet and pet our farm animals, which children especially love
  • To see our vegetable garden, where we plant tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines and peppers which can be eaten as a snack


  • Collection from your chosen location
  • Welcome drinks with hostess Teta
  • Introduction to Mykonian family culture
  • An authentic home-made Mykonian lunch or dinner with unlimited consumption of local wines

After a memorable meal, return transportation will be provided


  • Collection from your chosen location
  • Welcome drinks with hostess Teta
  • Visit to the garden to learn about the cultivating of seasonal vegetables
  • Return to the kitchen for traditional Mykonian snacks such as local ‘kopanisti’ cheese tomato, olives, smoked ‘louza’ pork and with local wine and Cretan raki
  • Guests then watch the preparation of spinach pie, stuffed tomatoes, peppers and tzatziki
  • Depending on the number of participants, guests take turns in helping out preparing the meal
  • Once ready, dinner or lunch will be served with fruit and homemade dessert accompanied by wine and raki
  • At the end there will be a photo session with guests and staff, guestbook dedications and a small gift basket per two participants, loaded with traditional snacks and drinks


  • You will be collected from your chosen location
  • Much more than just a culinary tutorial, our hostess Teta invites you into her beautiful Mykonian home for a 6 hour immersion in Greek culture and the role food plays in it
  • Here in Greece it is not just what we do, it is the way that we do it
  • You not only learn cooking methods, but come to understand the hospitality and everyday lifestyle of a traditional Mykonian family
  • Teta will teach you about Mykonian culture and history, share stories about her family’s life and make you feel just as if you are visiting close relatives or friends
  • At the same time you will taste Mykonian meze snacks like dakos with kopanisti cheese and tomato, louza (sun dried pork fillets), wine and Cretan raki
  • Teta will show you her vegetable garden and then onto the kitchen where you will make tzatziki, spinach pie, stuffed peppers and tomatoes and everything else in our Mykonian Spiti’s traditional menu
  • All guests will be supplied with protective equipment (aprons) from the Mykonian Spiti estate.
  • Most cooking ingredients will be readily available in special bowls in the kitchen area ready for the menu preparation
  • Teta will guide you through the whole procedure, giving the opportunity to everyone to master their cooking skills.
  • When finished, lunch or dinner starts and you can feast on what has been produced
  • It is a total experience where you join us as a stranger and, after time in the kitchen, leave as part of our family


  • Collection at either 12:00 or 18:00 and transfer to the Mykonian Farm
  • Greeting by cult sommelier Stathis Pasoglou and tasting of 4 local wines
  • The tasting is accompanied by typical Greek snacks
  • Return to Mykonos


  • Guests will be picked-up and transferred to the Mykonian Spiti where they will be welcomed into the dining room of a beautiful traditional Mykonian House, by cult sommelier Stathis Pasoglou
  • Six different prestigious wines from representative regions of Greece will be presented by Stathis
  • This is a tutored tasting and guests learn the dynamics of Greek wine varieties and production through the tasting stages
  • The tasting is accompanied by a snack of local products, followed by a meal or dinner with traditional dishes, prepared by the host of the Mykonian Spiti
  • After the meal guests are transferred back to their place of choice


  • Meet by 09:30 at the Old Port of Mykonos for 10:00 to Delos, a small Island situated a short cruise to the southwest of Mykonos
  • One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, Delos is the birthplace of Apollo, the god of light, and his twin Artemis, the goddess of hunting
  • The excavations of Delos started in 1873 and are still ongoing by the French School of Archaeology
  • In 1990 Delos was included in the World’s Cultural Heritage, protected by the UNESCO.
  • Upon arrival on the island the guide will distributes entry tickets to the archaeological site at the Agora of the Competaliasts
  • First, we see exceptional mosaics, well preserved marble columns and amazing wall paintings in a high status house
  • A few meters further on is the beautiful statue of Cleopatra, adorning the entrance of her residence
  • After a short stop at the House with the Trident, we reach the Theatre of Delos and the public cistern of the city, we reach the end of the urban route which then follows the main street to return to the market and the Sanctuary zone
  • There’s a wealth of culture with the Stoa of Philip, the donations of ancient celebrities, the Propylaia, the Colossus of the Naxians and The Temples of Apollo
  • We make our last stop in front of the Sacred Lake and the eternal Naxian Lions.
  • Before we reboard our boat there is free time with the option of either visiting the archaeological museum and museum shop, the café, or further wandering through the site
  • At 13:30 we depart from Delos arriving in Mykonos around 14:00



Sunscreen and a hat are recommended as are comfortable clothing and walking shoes as there is extensive walking on the island if you want to explore..